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Chaste Heart of St. Joseph

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Sam Estrada is a Seattle-based illustrator,
graphic designer, and animator. As the eldest
of a large Christian family, Sam has witnessed
how important good faith formation is for young people. His goal is to use art and digital media to not only help young readers learn, but inspire them to imitate the Origin of Art, God Himself.


We care about our customers' experience, too

Fr. Donald Calloway, MIC

Author, Consecration to St. Joseph
"Super J is a superhero! Your heart will be moved by his kindness, love, and joy. All children are a gift and a blessing from God, and this book is a treasure for people of all ages!"

Amy Suzanne

Founder and CEO of Pink Stork
"I love this book! As a mom to a 6-month-old with Down Syndrome, and 5 older children, it is so important to strive for an inclusive society and this book is a great story on the power of individuals with Down Syndrome and the beauty they contribute to the world. I love having a children's book I can share with all my kids that is so meaningful to our family."

Lauren Costabile

Founder and Executive Director of Hearts of Joy International
"Super J is a powerful story that perfectly depicts the heart of those with Down syndrome, filled with unconditional love and joy."